Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Dear Facebook,

You can stop now.

You know what I mean.  Surely you've noticed that a few people actually answer that question you ask: "how are you feeling today?"  Surely you've noticed that those comments wither away and die from lack of attention, lost as they are between the more important pictures of cats, dogs, and snow.

Yes, I can sense your confusion.  "But humans ask each other that question all the time!" you are saying inside your digital core code module that passes sloppily for a brain.

Yes, yes, we do.  No, we don't listen to the answer when we ask the question, either.

We humans are kind of funny that way.  We'll comment to each other on how cold or hot it is outside, and that will, at least for a brief moment, actually connect our attentions.  We'll engage each other on matters such as whether or not we observed the rising of the sun, or the color of each others' jackets.  But how we actually feel, physically or mentally?  Nah.  Not important.

We just pretend when it comes to feelings.

So stop wasting your time.  Maybe instead you could ask something important?  Say, what we had for breakfast, or what we thought of the game last night? Or--and this'll get some attention--how about whether we've seen the latest Grumpy Cat picture?


Yours forever (or at least until the next big social networking site comes out),


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