Friday, January 18, 2013

Stuff Not Ready

So yesterday was a long, stressful, exciting, and busy day.  Today's going to be just as busy, and probably nearly as stressful, with a graduation ceremony tonight. 

Part of the challenge I undertook was to write something every day for 365 days straight.  That, I'm still on track to finish.  I composed two blog posts yesterday, in fact, each containing my thoughts on a particular subject that struck me as important. 

The other part of the challenge was to post something to my blog every day for 365 days straight, and I bobbled on that one.  See, the two things I wrote yesterday aren't ready yet for public reading.  They're long, for one thing; one of them is just over double the length of my "normal" posts.  It's also about two separate (but related) topics, so it'll probably be two posts by the time I'm done with it.

Even after all the writing, though, I went to bed early last night, after having a margarita with the work crew to celebrate a perfect (zero findings) accreditation visit. 

Oh, well.  I'll catch back up to it, posting two on one day in the very near future.  Just wanted you to know I'm still plugging along.


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