Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yo, Body....

Yeah, what?  I'm a little busy here, Brain.

Yeah, that's what I was wanting to talk to you about.  How's that kickin' the flu thing going?

It's going, it's going.  This won't be the death of us, trust me. 

But I told you to do it three days ago.

*mimicking voice* But I told you to do it three days ago.  If it's that easy, you come do it.  You know, mind over matter, and all that crap.  

But twenty years ago you used to get rid of this sort of thing overnight.

Twenty years ago I had a lot less mileage on me, old chap.  And so did you.  You used to think the coolest game ever involved flipping quarters into shot glasses.  Remember?

Oh, yeah.  I--I do.  Um, so, when do you think you'll be back to normal so I can get back into high gear?

As soon as I'm back to normal.  Now, cool yer jets, rest, and let me rest and drink water. 

The good news?  I'm feeling better today.  The bad news?  Still not totally over it.  It's frustrating as hell, given the fact that I can only recall getting the flu once in the entirety of my first twenty-five years of life.  That was a rough couple of days, too.  But I'm trying to remind myself to be patient, to do what the doctor ordered, take the pills he prescribed as well as the ones he didn't, too, such as the guaifenesin.  Speaking of, why do they name so many drugs with words that look misspelled no matter how you configure them?

Hope you and yours are healthy and well this weekend!  I'll be back up and at it soon.


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