Sunday, April 14, 2013


Packing is so much fun....

No, no, now you're supposed to say "how much fun is it?" without giggling and snerking too much.  No, really--oh, never mind.

So last time we moved, we had 150 boxes plus furniture plus other stuff.  The quote that I got to move to Memphis was cheaper per unit than it was to move here, but not by much.  Plus, while we've gotten rid of some stuff while we've been here, we've taken on a bit more than we've lost.  That means I have to accept one of two fates: either a) I have to purge before I pack, or b) I have to be ready to spend more to move to Memphis than I did to move here.

Neither is particularly good, is it?

The problem is that over the years we spread out.  When we arrived, our books were in a set of boxes, all together.  Now?  They're all over.  My academic management books are here by my desk.  The sci fi and fantasy "fun reading" are over there on the book case.  The cook books are over yonder in a different case.

So yeah--packing is NOT much fun.


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  1. been there - done that. Now we've been in our home for almost 17 years, and I shudder to think how much we will have to move or get rid of, when we finally do move.