Thursday, April 18, 2013

Over at the APG: Q is for Quotations

Well, I did it again.

Specifically, I visited the blog over at APG and contributed another letter to the alphabet challenge.  This time it as Q.  I figure since I did both J and Q, I win, points-wise, right?

Anyway, you can read my thoughts on how an author can use quotations for inspiration or for exposition over there:

Enjoy!  And check out the other posts while you're there; just prior to my post are a column by Donna K. Fitch on using Boolean operators to make searches better, and a post by Renee Barrett (the resident cover expertgoddess) on the care and feeding of other peoples' image copyrights.  Great stuff, and it's all free to read.

No, really.  Go there now, pretty please.  I'm done writing for the time being.  The next installment on the Al-Can Adventures won't be up till tonight.


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