Friday, April 12, 2013

F is for Friday

F is for Friday!!!!!

So yeah, the A - Z blogging challenge continues unabated over at Alexandria Publishing Group.  Yesterday I did the letter J: J is for Journaling.  I talked about the discipline required as well as what you gain from it, and so on.  It was, all in all, a fun post to write.

And today, it's F day.  F is for Friday.  F is for Fun, too.  F is for Food and Friends.  F is for Fanciful Frolicking through the Fragrant Flowers.  F is for....

*sigh*  Crazy mood.  I have it.

It's been a long week.  Next week will be even longer as I close up important projects and get things ready for my successor at work, plus plan for an eight hundred and twenty-five mile move. 

That said, F stands for other things as well.  F can be used in place of a curseword--you know the one that begins with F (duh) and rhymes with truck.  Now, I know I write crap and other vaguely bad words on this blog, but I draw the line well before the F word.

Still, I have been known to use F to stand in for the word itself.  That just doesn't seem nearly as obscene to me.  See below:

F today.
Wish my troubles were all far away,
But at least my coffee's here to stay,
Oh I believe, I'll F today

The week's not half as bad as it used to be
There's a weekend coming near to me,
Say F today, so beautifully

(please don't let the Beatles--the ones still alive--ever know that I just did that)

Aaaaaannnnnnnnd, on that horribly rhyming note--have a great F-day, and a wonderful weekend!


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