Friday, March 18, 2011

Research projects can be fun

So for the past couple of nights, I've been writing into my story the two teenage boys and their reunion with their dad, who happens to be a physicist at Stanford.  I could probably have chosen a different university, but there's a lot of information available online about Stanford.  Granted, I've been by there once, myself, and so have done the personal visit that many authors describe as "research"...but research is also possible online, and I've been doing that for a couple of days now. I remember when Tom Clancy's novels came out, how much stir there seemed to be over his knowledge of what was actually going on, and yet these days the amount of knowledge available for free over the Internet is well beyond anything we dreamed of in the 80's.  Look up Stanford, you find the university site.  Look up the physics department, you find out where they are located and what is there.  Do more searches on the names of the buildings, and you find a rich history available for the incorporation. 

Word count: 61,460

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