Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dividing my time

So maybe starting with a trilogy wasn't the best idea I've had.  Writers have written blogs warning newbies away from it for marketing reasons...publishers don't want to take on the risk...but there's a practical issue too. best to divide my time?  If I were just writing a single book, I'd be done with the writing and deeply into the revising part...which, I assure you, takes an awful lot of time and energy.  But since I've started a trilogy, it seems to go without saying that I should also maintain momentum on writing the second book.  Thus, one night I spend reading the first manuscript, and the next I spend writing on the second.  I got 2000 words on the second novel last night, pretty much doubling its size, but I didn't do any revising. 

As the King of Siam once said: 'Tis a puzzlement.  But this too shall pass, I guess, and once the trilogy is done, it's done. 

Word count: Oh, bite me

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