Saturday, March 12, 2011

A night off, ish

Long day, but I managed to get home reasonably early...well before 8 PM, in fact.  That gave me time to cook a decent dinner and watch Alice in Wonderland, the new one with Johnny Depp, with Jessa.  I didn't end up writing much; really, I mostly edited some stuff and described their old (and now destroyed, but she doesn't know it yet) house before leaving off at the point where she's about to see the destruction that the evil author wrought.  But that's a good place to pick up tomorrow, and I don't mind calling it quits tonight after relatively few words.

Today I received more of the books I'd ordered.  In fact, at this point I only have two unreceived books: the Zombies one, and the one I just bought today.  Can't wait to dive in to all of them, to be honest.  But the new one is interesting and different.  Heide actually had a fellow passenger on her flight recommend it to me through her, and given Heide's glowing recommendation I bought it immediately.  It's called Zing, by Pat Mora.  I've only gotten a little ways into it, but so far I love it.  It's definitely different; the other books I've been buying are basically my writing laboratory, my CD-based collection of fiction I can use to see how other authors handle stuff like what I'm faced with.  But this one is non-fiction, and specifically purposed for helping teachers and students get creative.  Good choice for me, really. 

In fact, one of the reasons I'm saying good evening to my laptop a bit early and retiring to the bedroom is so that I can enjoy some reading time.  Plus, after the week I've had, I think I'm due an early night.  Good night, real world, and good night, Rise of the Goddess world...I'll see you both in the morning.  Don't expect me too early, either. 

Word count: 42,828

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