Sunday, March 6, 2011

A full Sunday

It was quite the full day today.  Dropped the love of my life...and my chief idea at the airport so that she can fly 5,000 miles away in order to be at her son's wedding.  Honestly, I wish I could have gone, but it won't work financially, which is part of my fuel to get these books written.  I may never be a billionnaire like J.K. Rowling, or even a multimillionnaire like Stephen King or Danielle Steele, but hopefully I can supplement the family's income a little in my side work.

As I started to write today, I realized that I really wasn't recording the number of words done every day.  Thus, I went back to yesterday's blog and wrote at the bottom the number of words in the primary novel, The Rise of the Goddess book 1, so that I can keep kind of a running tally.

Writing is still fun.  Sort of, anyway.  I guess "fun" has multiple definitions for me.  It can be used to describe walking down a path in a flower garden enjoying the orchids with my wife, or coursing down and around a roller coaster's rails with my stepdaughter in a mad attempt to get a thrill, temporary though it may be.  Appropriate metaphor, that.  I just finished a scene describing the fine shop of a silk merchant, where my chief worry was keeping the pace up and not succumbing to describiness.  Also did a transition scene, which I'm finding to be a bread and butter type of thing for author types.  Now, where I'm leaving it tonight, it's into an emotional and verbal fight scene between the two main protagonists, which will be very much like the roller coaster.  More so than you might think initially, in fact.  A roller coaster has its highs and lows, true, but it also is very unpredictable when you ride it...until you know its twisty turns from lots of experience, anyway.  Writing about a fight between lovers is very similar...very intense, yes, but have you ever thought about how to tell the story of a fight between your lover and you?  It's a new thing to me, describing emotions and thoughts I've never described before, and half of which I've never actually felt before. 

As I've had a long, long day today, and have finished my 2K words for the day already, I don't think I have the energy to do the roller coaster justice.  Thus, I'm stopping for now.  Tomorrow morning and night I'll get to it.

Word Count: 36,693

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