Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Day Is It, Anyway?

So today I walked in to work thinking it was Wednesday.  Wednesday, again, of course, but that didn't occur to my coffee-deprived brain.  I eventually fed it some coffee, granted, but by that point I was pretty well convinced that it was indeed the middle of the week.

My brain works funny sometimes.

Hump Dayyy!

Then, after a flurry of activity, responding to stuff and doing stuff and signing stuff, I set off through the hallowed hall of the institution, only to run into a flock of new students.

Oh, right.  New student orientation.  Which happens on a Thursday, my now-less-coffee-deprived brain reminded me.

Oops.  Must be Thursday.

So I sidled up to a couple of co-workers who were also watching the activities of the new student flock in its native habitat.  Feeling comfortable, I confided in them about my former mistaken impression of the current day of the week.

One of them replied that he'd thought it was Friday.  Oops, again.

I'm not sure which is worse: assuming it's Wednesday and finding out it's really Thursday, or thinking it's Friday and finding out it's not.  I suspect, though, that the latter is more of a let-down.

So, now I'm home, and blogging, and in just a few hours it will, in fact, be Friday.


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