Friday, August 16, 2013

The Day of Not-Blogging

Yet again, I am saying one thing and doing the opposite.  I'm blogging about not blogging, specifically.

The joyous not-blogged news I have to share is that the closing of the WIPs seems to be working.  The other day I closed four of the five works I have in progress in order to focus on the Elf Queen book, and since then I've been cranking out 1000-2100 words a night.  I've noticed a difference in my thoughts, too, as while I was driving from our branch campus today to present a training event, my brain was on the scene that I'm writing tonight and the follow-on events, honing the action and making sure everything fits. 

It's funny how that works.  It's good, how well that works, too.

So tonight I'm trying to let my fingies catch up to my brain, and so this is the short blog post I'm doing to tell you I'm not doing a blog post.

Really silly, yes, but that's kinda how I am.


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