Saturday, July 27, 2013

Absurdly Funny, verse Two

In my post a few days ago, Absurdly Funny (the first verse), I discussed how humor is so often so very much in the eye of the beholder. Truth was borne out, too, as Kevin Downey Jr. became one of the first quarter finalists voted off of America's Got Talent.  Apparently I, Howard, and Howie all found it funny while so many of our fellow Americans didn't.

That's okay.

Those of you who're friends of my personal account on Facebook have no doubt seen me post all sorts of funnies and not-as-funnies there.  Often they get my friends to chuckle, and that makes me happy.  After all, I kind of like being the class clown, the guy who makes people laugh even (or especially) on a bad day, because I believe in the power of laughter to make life (and health and other concerns) suck much less.

Today I was walking through PetCo trying to figure out what cat food our daughter had bought for her cat the first time.  It was tougher than it sounds, as we'd brought neither the empty bag nor the daughter.  As we stood in the aisle, though, I heard someone over the loudspeaker ask for help back in reptiles.

"Must have a reptile issue," I said to myself, and then chortled softly over what else that sounded like.

Thanks to the smartness of my smart phone, t wasn't long before my Facebook feed had a new post saying:

Our PetCo got some lizards in that were sick.  First time the kids there had to deal with a reptile dysfunction.

No, that wasn't what had really happened.  Then again, I'm a fiction author, a fact that makes Facebook posts incredibly well suited for me, as so much of what exists in FB-space is fiction.  Bottom line: if you read something on my Facebook feed, be it author or personal space, take it with a grain or two of salt (and, if you can, an entire margarita on the side).

The amusing part of that is that of all the crazy cat pictures, all the jokes, all the sappy "we love our military" posts (hey, I'm a veteran, myself, so those come naturally to me) posts I've made, there's one particular post that in just a few hours has taken the lead and is climbing the charts for the most-shared post I've written.

Yes, it was the penis joke.

Isn't that ironic?  (see yesterday's post for the answer to that)

Have a great weekend!


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