Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday, Monday

Every had a day so bad you couldn't even find a good quotation to make light of it?

My all-time favorite quotations site, Twain Quotations A to Z, falls flat, leaving me high and dry.  Go to the M page and it skips right from Monarchy to Money, completely bypassing the word Monday.

Meanwhile, other quotations pages about Monday either seem filled with unattributed stuff (which I'd prefer not to use) or snide comments about what people do on Sunday in relation to Monday.  I don't hate Mondays due to any religious issue; I just hate Mondays.

Why do I hate Mondays?  Eh, it's kinda silly, I admit. It just always seems as though there's a crisis going at whatever time I walk in.  Folks don't even wait till you have your coffee cup filled before launching into it, do they?  I always go home on Friday/Saturday/Sunday (whichever my last day of the week in the office is) with a list of stuff to do Monday morning scrawled onto the pad in front of my keyboard to make sure I don't have vapor lock of the brain when I get to work on Monday, and yet it all ends up waiting till Monday afternoon regardless.

Ah, well.

It doesn't help that I have a big exciting thing happening this week.  I have no idea how it'll turn out, and so I'm not going to spill any beans at this point.  Still, it's going to make for an exciting week.  If, that is, I survive Monday.

So--let's hear it for Monday!


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