Monday, March 11, 2013


"Lasagna: the world's most perfect food!" - Garfield

"The country is ready for the 5-day week.  It is bound to come through all industry.  In adopting it ourselves, we are putting it into effect in about 50 industries, for we are coal miners, iron miners, lumbermen, and so on.  The short week is bound to come, because without it the country will not be able to absorb its production and stay prosperous." - Henry Ford

Henry Ford, the pioneer of auto production, is also known as the father of the five day work week, having pulled his factory workers down to only working five days per week while still paying them as though they were working six days.  He's also known for paying his workers more.  His theory, apparently, was that the more his workers made, the better able they were to afford their own products, which of course they would then purchase and show off to their friends.

Whether the practice achieved Ford's aims is open to debate, as is true with all controversial moves when viewed through the grand mirrors of hindsight.  Regardless, his gamble paid off well in two ways: first, he prospered as an auto manufacturer; and second, his practice of limiting the workers to five days of work per week stuck.

It's thanks to Ford, then, that we get two entire days of blissful leisure (and excruciating writing) before we launch back into another hard week.

A week that starts, as nearly all do, with Monday.

You could say that Monday sucks twice as much thanks to Ford.  

That Monday sucks is a truth of legendary proportions.  Songs have been made of its extreme badness.  Bards have told tales of the suckage of Monday.  There's even a cute Youtube video about how "Monday sucks." 

But you know what makes it suck a whole lot less?  Lasagna.  Coming home to the smell in the house of lasagna baking, to sit down on the couch and watch an old movie (Breakfast Club, actually) while enjoying steaming goopy cheesy goodness.

Given that, Monday ain't half so bad, is it?


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