Thursday, March 7, 2013

Anticipation II

On the opposite side of every anticipation, there's a let-down.

Surely you've felt it.  You've looked forward to a vacation/interview/life event for weeks. You walk into it with butterflies in the stomachs of the butterflies in your stomach.  No matter what, you're ready for whatever.

And then it's over.

In my case, I leave exhausted.  Getting the adrenaline going is tiring, it turns out.  You don't feel it at the time, but once all is said and done and the adrenaline rush is well past, there's an overwhelming sense of weariness that settles in.

I used to look at the string of sensations with a degree of disgust.  Why would I go getting myself all worked up, I wondered, when it would just blow away soon and leave me wiped out?

It's part of the process, though.  If the exhilaration I spoke of yesterday is what makes us feel alive, the exhaustion after is its price.

And now--off to rest.


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