Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two interesting OPBs

It's another wonderful weekend, finally, and here I sit drinking my morning coffee (as opposed, I guess, to the similarly-important afternoon coffee) and reviewing my OPB (Other People's Blog) posts for the day.  It's truly an interesting collection.  A couple of days ago I read and enjoyed the hell out of it.  Her writing contained such gems as

i remember back before i had a book deal i used to read posts from published authors about their hectic schedules and these crazy deadlines they were always attempting to meet and everyone always seemed to be so tired and brain-pooped. it was buckets of sweat and frenzied eyes and DEADLINES! I HATE YOU, DEADLINES! I HATE YOU! DIE, DEADLINES, DIE! and i remember thinking, well damn, what i wouldn't give to have a deadline. i'd exclamation-point the crap out of it.


so basically, about 8% of the time i'm working on book stuff, and 92% of the time i'm trying to find my pants.

That truly is the type of blog post I'd write, if I had a book deal, and if I were funny. I loved reading it. If you're not a follower of her blog, you're missing out.

Another great OPB was a post from one of my favorite self-pubbed authors, JA Konrath (  I enjoy his frankness, and I enjoy his "follow me if you have the guts" mentality.  Frankly, he's who I would be posting like, if only I were a successful author.  Yet.  Today, though, he took on--yeah, you guessed it, an agent.

Do NOT drink the kool-aid on E-publishing. It's too early to be making sweeping statements about any of it.
I'll let you head on over to the kool-aid stand for yourself ( to witness and enjoy a masterful skewering.  It was joyful to me, though, watching him point out that what the person is actually saying is "it's okay to use cliches if you're an agent, though most of us will ridicule an author who does so, but don't use sweeping generalizations like I do." 

As always, enjoying a life full of the written word.  Hope you are too!

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