Friday, October 7, 2011

Requiem for a pseudonym

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine

There's more to a requiem mass, I suppose, but Evan Koenig hardly existed substantially enough to be worthy of more than a line. Besides, he's not totally dead.  I'm keeping the domain name.  In fact, that's my main domain for the administration login to my web host.  I probably can ditch it, but it takes more effort than it's worth. 

That said, I'm going to re-vamp my web page soon (it takes 24 hours for the change to be effective with the web hosting, so no point doing much before that).  Every reference on the page is going to be to Stephen H. King, and the domain is  Then, when I roll my debut book out (after making another couple of changes, to be discussed more in a future blog post), it'll have Stephen H. King, my name and that of my father, on the front cover. 

Why the reversal?  I had an inspiration today, in the form of two sessions at the James River Writers Conference.  Which, by the way, was excellent, thank you for asking.  I do plan on blogging the enormous amount of information I brought home today (and will likely bring home tomorrow as well) but I'd rather handle it a topic at a time than slammed entirely into one long blog post. 

First topic, tomorrow, then.

For today: bye bye Evan.  Today I attended a session on why you should write in multiple genres, and I'm looking forward to sharing that with you. The member of the panel who has five presences, though, provided the caveat that it's a lot of work to maintain multiple identities.  At the next session, then, the wife of the guy who has five presences, a woman who serves as a literary agent, was on the panel discussing platform.  I went to her immediately after and asked her opinion on my specific issue, having a presence named The Other Stephen King and one named Evan Koenig. I've built a modest following under TOSK.  I've built none under Evan Koenig, which is the name under which I'd intended to publish my main work. 

She didn't even blink before she told me to ditch EK, which is, incidentally, the same suggestion several others have given me.  It's not like her opinion is the only one that matters, certainly; it's more like hers was the last straw to be nailed into EK's coffin, to bungle a metaphor badly on purpose. 

So, all that said, please join me in bidding Evan Koenig a fond adieu.  TOSK is now the author. 

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