Monday, October 17, 2011


Yellow, red, orange, green. Artists carefully pick and choose which go where on the canvas. God seems to get by just fine, though, by splashing them everywhere.

Sometimes it's not so much the color that's there, but the color that's not, that makes me want to sing praises to the beauty and the majesty.  

I didn't write much this weekend, but with this close at hand, I had to get out of the house with my wife and drive.We drove west past Charlottesville and then turned north up Skyline Drive. 

Fall is the time of year when things settle down a bit.  It's almost like God is saying "Hey, you.  Stop.  Just for a moment is fine, but stop.  Look.  Pull the car over.  Get out."

"Put that fancy camera you're so proud of to work."

"Yes, summer was a spectacular time for you.  In the longer days you accomplished a great deal.  Even your relaxations were notable, frolicking at the beach and the pool and the park as you did."

"But hey, I'm still here.  Don't forget that."



  1. Stephen, Shenandoah National Park in about a half hour from us (Harrisonburg) and one of our favorite places to go anytime of the year. And, if you are into hiking, there are some great ones up there. Glad you had a cance to visit my part of the country.

  2. Gorgeous! And I so love people who can be awed by what other people just think of as an irritating commute.