Sunday, October 30, 2011

A synopsis

Synopses are tough to write.  I've already gone through and put 90K words together in what I hope is an appealing manner.  How, then, do I choose the best 100 (ish) for presenting the basic gist in a way that says "buy me"? 

I know they say that writing a synopsis is an extension of being a writer.  When I read about the importance of doing a good "hook," or synopsis, in the query letter, the agent writing it said, in effect, "You're a writer, so this should showcase your writing skills." Wrong, though.  Writing a story and writing a marketing blurb are such totally different modes, requiring such totally different skill sets, that it's no wonder to me now that people who laugh at 80,000 word drafts shrivel in fear at 100 word blurbs. 

What prompted this was my creation of the synopsis for Book Two of the series, soon to hopefully be published by Trestle Press as well.  For this, I invite audience feedback; please give me your thoughts.

ASCENSION: Return of the Gods
a novel by Stephen H. King

Eternal life with her husband.

That’s all Crystal wants.  Having survived the epic battle between her husband, the God of War, and his ex-wife, the Goddess of Love, Crystal sets her sights on achieving the impossible. 

She wants—to be a goddess. 

It’s not impossible, though.  Matt’s ex-wife did it, after all.  If it’s been done once, Crystal can do it again, whatever it takes. 

What it takes is assistance from some unlikely teachers—Thor, who breaks Crystal’s body several times while rebuilding her as a barbarian queen.  Hephaestus, who teaches her the magic of the forge and bestows upon her a priceless gift at the end of her time there.  Apollo, her husband’s bitterest rival.  Gaia, the mother goddess, serves as Crystal’s guide while treating Crystal’s quest as a grand source of amusement. 

The fast-paced action ends with another epic battle, but this time it’s one that Crystal must win on her own. 

What do y'all think?  Please, give me your thoughts.  Would you buy this book?


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