Monday, December 26, 2011

The winner

*cue announcer voice*


Um, before I make the grand announcement, how many of you recall what winner I'm talking about?

Maybe I should refresh the topic.  When Cataclysm first came out, I ran a contest: for every mention on Facebook or Twitter that I heard about, I put that person's name into a hat in a drawing for the honor of naming a character (most likely after themselves, but I'm leaving the option open) in a future book.  Specifically, the elf book; if you're not sure what I'm talking about there, check back a few blog posts to the one where I mentioned what I have in store for next year. 

Of course, "into a hat" is a bit relative, me being the techno geek I am.  Instead, I took the number of entries I had and listed them in Excel.  Then I kinda randomized them a bit by shuffling some of the higher-character names down the list and vice versa.  For those in multiple times, I moved their entries around so that they weren't right by each other; I don't know why I felt like doing that, since it made absolutely no difference on the odds of winning, but I felt like it. Then I told Excel to pull a number out of its RNG (Random Number Generator) and....

*cue announcer voice again*


Sue Darby! 

Congrats, Sue!  I'll be in contact with you in person on Facebook. 


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