Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trying something a little bit creative... though writing novels isn't creative enough.  A friend talked me into a photography challenge this weekend, the rules of which are that you must photograph one thing from several different angles.  Being a writer, of course, I can't do it without telling a story, so here's my attempt at storytelling with fewer words and more pictures. 

We all--or at least most--go through life looking for love.  Sometimes we look for it in all the wrong places, as an old country song reminded us way back when, but no matter where we seek it we usually end up finding it. We're just wired that way, I guess.

Oh, look--here it is.

Sometimes it looks simple, and sometimes when we run across it Love stands monolithically, towering above us, a many-splendored thing:

Sometimes it looks kinda backwards to us.
Sometimes it seems pretty basic as we look down at it.
Sometimes Love just looks all caddy-wompas, backward and angled all wrong.
Sometimes we're at the wrong spot in our lives and can barely even tell it's there.
Sometimes it doesn't even look like Love at all.
And sometimes the angle of life is so off that Love looks like just another stick.
Often we don't even see Love for Love.  Sometimes we just see it by looking at others.

Alrightee, there's my ode to Love through pictures.  Kinda sappy, and kinda dorky, but I enjoyed it.  Hope you did, too. 

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