Friday, September 2, 2011

Five dollars and nineteen cents

Being a professional, I like to send things in a professional manner.  I've always believed that some people take documents they receive more seriously when they arrive stuffed inside a Priority, Express, Superfancy, or other special delivery type of envelope.  Given that I can utter the previous two statements with a completely straight face, then, I'm sending the snail mail queries through the USPS's priority mail service, at least till I get tired of it. 

So, five dollars and nineteen cents is what each query costs.  The USPS flat rate priority envelope costs $4.75 online, and the stamp for the SASE costs $.44.  Yes, there's a cost for printing and for gas to drop it off, but for the time being let me live in my minimalist dream.  Each snail mail rejection costs me five dollars and nineteen cents. 

Today I received my first rejection from the second email batch I sent out, by the way.  It was from one of the re-queried houses, giving that agency the dubious distinction of having rejected me twice in less time than half of my first-queried agencies have taken to reject me once. 

Gotta love this business, don't you? 

1 comment:

  1. Stephen, at this rate you could wallpaper your writing space in rejection letters. And then, when you hit it big, you can smirk at each one every time you write!

    Keep up the good work!