Saturday, April 9, 2011

A virus, a visitor, and a day off

Today started kinda easy.  At work, I found myself having a good, productive day, and even had great news when all three nursing students who were testing today passed their tests.  Got kind of yelled at by a guy at corporate because I'd forgotten to send him a report yesterday, and so I submitted it this evening.  Almost put a TPS report coversheet on it, but I wasn't certain that the humor would be well received. 

Got home late, and that's when the stress happened.  Somebody else had used my laptop, and this person is fairly good at somehow attracting any bad bug available when she touches a browser window.  Sure enough, I got home to a trojan that was particularly annoying in its refusal to let any other program start. 

Any other time, it would have been an annoyance.  This time, though, I realized that I hadn't backed up any of version 2 of the book.  Stupid of me, I know.  But the fear of losing a couple of weeks worth of work really made me much so that I stormed away from the computer for a while, closing myself and my rage up by my/itself in the bedroom where I could cool down without burning anyone else. 

Finally calmed, I went back out and to work on the laptop.  It was a persistent bug, sticking through a reboot with no apparent change of mood in allowing programs (including the registry editor) to launch.  Luckily, it was a bit stupid, too, and had only infested itself into the registry.  I had to reboot into Safe Mode, but then I was able to wipe the virus out and restart into a fairly clean machine.  Only two more steps remained: back up the work I'd done, and apologize to the wife and daughter, and visitor, for losing my temper.

Oh, yeah...visitor.  A friend of Jessa's is over tonight.  She's in the choir at school, and is a pretty good singer.  What that means is that they've spent the entire time I've been home in front of Phantom of the Opera on the big screen TV singing away.  It's actually relatively cool, except that it's also my writing area.  It's impossible, really, to carry on a story line with Phantom of the Opera singing in the background. 

Eh...I needed a day off, right?  Tomorrow I'll get up early, drink down a pot of coffee, and get a ton of work done.  But for now, it's fine to acknowledge a single day off this week and go to bed. 

Word count: 72,972

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