Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some days just aren't meant for writing

Funny how often this happens.  Specifically, "this" refers to a weekday evening or weekend morning when I plop myself down into the computer chair at my desk and start staring at the story.  I know what I want to tell, and I know where I need to do it, so it's not writer's block.  It's just...tired.  Exhausted, in tonight's case.  I had a rough day at work yet again...kicked a few students out of the school to launch the day.  All three had done something to deserve it, of course, but none of the three believed their offense was as serious as it was.  For two of them, in fact, it was particularly disturbing to me: their offense was lack of attendance.  They'd dropped below 50%, yet they both swore up and down that they'd attended every class of the last term.  Now, I can see not believing that your conduct was bad enough for a conduct dismissal, but how could you mistake that one?  I could see if the attendance was recorded incorrectly, but several times I'd personally gone looking for them to warn them of their attendance issues, and...they were absent. 

The day went downhill from there.  Had a faculty member who'd already accepted the position argue for higher wages because he said that what he was making wouldn't pay his gasoline.  "Oh?  I thought you lived in town?"  "I do, but way over on the west side."  Hmmph.  I live there, myself.  One tank of gas serves me for two weeks.  Sorry yours doesn't, but maybe you should consider a more efficient auto.  Plus I just got finished teaching my career development students last term that you should never use personal expenses as a bargaining chip in the wage discussion...employers don't care how much it costs you to live, love, or drive.  We don't.  I know it sounds mean and callous and all, but hey...our job is to manage business costs. 

Ah, well.

It all boils down to one really tired Dean when I got home tonight and sat down, blubberbrained, in front of the computer.  No writing.  None. 

Then I started my blog post, and for some strange reason got inspired to write in my book instead.  1500 words later, I've put in a decent chunk of writing.  Who knew such inspiration could come from a blog title? 

Still, I am tired, and even more so now that I've committed another 1500 words of the story to paper.  It's time for bed. 

Word count: 72,972

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  1. Moving right along, tired or not. Good Luck.

  2. Thank you, kbain10. Your comment brightened my day.

  3. Sounds like you had a hell of a day, Steve. And yet you were still inspired to write - congratulations! Sometimes writing can be very cathartic and very comforting, particularly when you don't really feel like dealing with the rest of the world. Some days I feel like writing more than others. Doing paid writing "on demand" can take the fun out of it at times and sometimes I feel drained, but other times I really enjoy it. It certainly sounds like you are!