Friday, April 1, 2011

A blog block

So, I've never had writer's block before. 

Technically, I still don't.  I'd be in my book, banging away at the keyboard, hammering out some fiction, if I weren't exhausted and ready to go to bed.  Nope, no writer's block.  I know just what to write. 

I'm just not sure what to blog. 

It seems like the same thing, but it's not, at least not to me.  The fiction writing is the job, the work.  The money-making exercise, if you will.  If, that is, I were making money at it...but let's just indulge in more fiction for the moment, OK?  But when I think of writer's block, I think of trying to push forward the work of fiction, not knowing what to write, and doing as Stephen King suggests in On Writing and going for a long walk.  Actually, he talks about going for several long walks during his work on The Stand, and it worked for him.  I bet it would work well for me too.  If, in fact, I had writer's block. 

But I don't.  I have blog block.  It's not so much about not knowing what to write as much as it is not having anything interesting to write about.  Somehow when I took on the writing blog I assumed I'd have some new writing discovery to discuss each day...a nugget of truth, discovered in the daily trudge through spinning a tale.  It never occurred to me, for some odd reason, that there might be a day when the work was so pedestrian that I didn't discover any nuggets.  I mean, I'm sure I'd have realized it would eventually happen, but not in just a month.  Most people don't write "The End" within a month.  Here I am, just over a month later, working through the revision process and writing the second novel, and it's becoming a little repetitive.  No less fun, certainly, just less of an educational process and more of a production process.

Problem is, nobody wants to read a blog that's the same thing every day.  "Wrote more.  Revised more."  Boring. 

At least my friend Cricket came up with an idea for me for tonight, though.  And I'll get back to working on writing tomorrow, and maybe something will come to me.

Or maybe I'll take a walk.

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