Friday, November 1, 2013

A Good Start

3700 words.

One day.

Not bad.

Okay, so there are some caveats to be granted.  It's actually only 3699 words, truth be told.  If anybody seriously objects, I can always go replace a comma with the word "and."  Also, to be honest, I've been planning the first scene for the past couple of weeks, so this has been mostly just regurgitating words I've already written onto the page.  Mentally, anyway.

Only, it's not that easy.  I can't recall specifically what I have been planning, any of the times I've been doing it in my head.  As sad as it is, though, that my memory isn't perfect, it's also a blessing to me.  Specifically, I'll end up creating a better scene than any of what I've done before, just because I've done it several times already.

That said, it's November 1.  I've started the NaNo effort, and I'm 3700 words into it.  46,300 words to go in the standard goal, and 86,300 words to go in my personal goal.  2000 words ahead of the normal daily quota, and 700 words ahead of my own daily quota.

Not bad by any account, right?


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