Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Unlikely Basketball Fan

Woo hoo!  Go Grizzlies!  Get a--um, let's see--touchd--er, no, a home r--no, no.  Oh, right, get a basket!  Heck, get a bunch of them! 

It's funny, isn't it, how strongly our upbringing can influence our choices in life?  I really see no reason to not like watching basketball.  It's far more entertaining, after all, than, say, golf.  It's like soccer with less grass but more tweet-tweets from the refs.  It's like tennis with bigger balls--and generally taller players.

It's nothing like football.  I like football.  My parents liked football, though.  Dad was a Mississippi State football fan, and Mom was a Dallas Cowboys fan, and I still cheer for both teams no matter how badly they lose.

But nobody in the family was a basketball fan; that was the season that let us watch non-sports channels from the end of football season to the beginning of baseball's spring training.  Thus, I never really built up an interest, personally.

Till now, that is.  Now I'm in Memphis, and it's kind of exciting to have a local team in the playoffs.  Thus, I watch it.  I'm watching the playoff game right now, in fact.

Go Grizzlies!


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