Friday, February 15, 2013

Konrath's Success

So Joe Konrath posted his sales numbers again this week.  Last time was several months ago when he announced a $100K few weeks.  This time he's--well, he's made a lot of money again.

Made a lot of people in the Indie groups jealous, that did.

Me, I got a lot out of reading his results.

Most important was a quote from his Conclusions section: "I know [sic] have over fifty titles...."  Holy crap.  50 titles.  Stephen King--the other one--has 56 novels and 13 collections I know about, and he's been writing since 1974.  Fifty titles is a bunch.  And for every title Konrath pointed out was doing very, very well, there were several that he never mentioned. 

Key lesson to pull out of that: write.  Write more.  Then write even more.

He also gave some numbers that made me question the conclusion I'd drawn that free books on KDP don't do anything any more.  Clearly, with some of his results, free book promotions still bear fruit.

So--exciting stuff there.  And now, I need to get back to a'writing.


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