Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Exciting Announcement--guests are coming!

Well, the slowdown in blogging I predicted due to the renewal of my dissertation efforts didn't happen.  I somehow forgot the way dissertation writing goes; it's the only thing that make the Army's version of "hurry up and wait" seem casual.  Every time you get a "suggestion" (I love the cozy fiction) from your panel, you panic and make all the changes required--that's what slows down the real writing--and then send it away to wait weeks for more suggestions. Turns out that the fitful nature of the process doesn't really alter my blogging pattern much. 

That said, I'm taking a vacation.  We're packing up the van sometime around November 9th and driving down to the Magical Kingdom in Orlando (what better place for a fantasy writer to be?), and we'll return sometime around November 19.  Hopefully between those two dates my lovely spouse and kids will get to remember what I look like, and perhaps even recall my name.

I'm taking my laptop, of course.  My keyboard is going too; I have a special one because the keys on the laptop are horrible to type on.  I just don't know for sure how much Internet access I'll have; last time I was at the resort we'll be staying in, access was spotty.  Thus, my exciting announcement:

I'm not going to be blogging from 11/9-11/19.  

No, really, it's exciting.  No, I'm not gonna leave you high and dry.  Instead, there's an awesome group of authors I've come to know and respect who've agreed to write guest posts while I'm away.  If you've followed this blog for long, you've gotten a lot of how a fantasy writer crafts a book.  There are other genres, though, and these authors publish in many of them.  I've asked them to give you some idea about how they've become successful in their aisles, virtual or real, of the bookstores.

Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying the Florida sun (hopefully), a day on Harry Potter's island, and several days in the Magic Kingdom (the other Magic Kingdom, unrelated to Hogwart's).

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  1. Oh, I'm going to miss your posts and congrats to your contract! It sounds great and your cover looks awesome! Also going to take this opportunity to tell you that I've awarded your blog with the Liebster Award! pop on over to my blog and claim it! :D