Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Word and page count update

As Debra was saying, the edited manuscript was scant of a full book, and I'd left out a lot of the interesting story. 

Tonight I finished the "Here, kitty kitty" chapter and the aftermath chapter.  It seems a good time to stop and count words, since it's at a bit of a neutral position.

Cataclysm v4, the version sent to the editor: 247 pages, 76,012 words.

Cataclysm v5, current version: 285 pages, 84,680 words.

Difference: 38 more pages, 8,668 more words.

Addition: 11.4% increased word count.

That's a lot.  What's left to go?  I still need to add the scene showing Crystal helping people deal with post-cataclysmic losses.  I still need to beef up the library scene a little to make sure people know how they survived.  I still need to beef up the Olympus scene to get to know the relationship between the deities more.  I still need to beef up the final battle to--well, beef it up.  I have some really cool ideas for it, but you'll have to wait.  I also still have to add more magic training scenes. 

That's a lot left to do.  On the other hand, I've already done quite a lot, and it's not quite 1/3 of the way through August.  Whew. 

Time to go to bed.  G'night, all!

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