Sunday, August 28, 2011

All OK, but writing is limited

Well, I suppose I can say "at least we're all OK."  It sounds like a cop-out, though.  Irene's winds blew a bit, breaking off some small branches in my neighborhood and carpeting one road with lots of leaves.  Rain fell also, though there wasn't any flooding.  Oh, and our power went out.  At first, it was kind of fun; I switched the laptop to low battery use mode and kept writing.  We pulled out our candles and flashlights and prepared for a camping sort of evening.  Surely, the power would be back on soon, right?

It's now about 26 hours later, and still no sign of power.  I'm writing this from my desk at work, where I came to get a little bit of contact in with the people who work for me, letting them know that we'll still be open tomorrow.  But no power at home, and the power company is saying they have no idea when it'll be on. 

That really throws a damp cloth over my writing for the time being. 

At least we're all OK! 

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