Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thank you, Debra Ginsberg

It's here.

At 2:48, I got tired of wandering around impatiently and went down to check the mailbox, just on the off chance that the mailman had, in fact, left the manuscript in the rental office like he wasn't supposed to.  He hadn't.  Instead, he had found a way to wedge an envelope containing a 250-page manuscript and a 14-page report into my 4"x4" mail slot.  Evil bastard.  I feel like Chevy Chase's character in Funny Farm.

Whatever.  It's here, in my hot little hands.  Flipping through it, I'm a bit relieved to agree with Debra's assessment that the technical quality of the writing was pretty high.  There are a great many pages with no red marks at all, and many of the red-touched pages are tinted because of errors I make throughout (ellipses,  capitalizing nouns that aren't proper, etc.).  The good thing about common errors is that Microsnot Word is really very good at a few things, one of which is repeating corrections multiple times.  The rest--well, making text corrections is actually a fairly relaxing process to me.  It's the large additions I need to make that will be work, but even that won't be too bad.  It's a lot of writing, but the reason I'm giving birth to a novel in the first place is that I like to write, no? 

All in all, I'm quite pleased.  I gushed about how wonderful Debra Ginsberg has been to work with in my previous post, and I'm not one to repeat repetition repetitively.  Still, it is nice to work with a real professional who understands customer service as well as her profession.  That's all I'm going to say, because--I gotta get to work now. 


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