Friday, July 22, 2011

The calm before the storm

OK, so I've finally started feeling alright about taking my editor's suggestion.  I did an eensy touch of revision last night to RoG: Ascension, to the part where she's learning the smith's trade, but most of the evening hours were spent playing around on social media.  In just a few minutes I'm going to work, but I'm cutting off after half a day to take the family to Kings Dominion, our local amusement park.  Tonight, then, will probably be more relaxation and enjoyment.

Tomorrow is a special day.  First, we're dropping our friend who's been with us for a couple of weeks off at the airport so she can return home.  After that, I get to attend a graduation ceremony.  Yeah, I've been to umpty-dozen of them in my day job, and I've led most of those, but this one's special.  A dear friend with whom I've worked for many years is walking across stage in her funky pointed hat and gaining the title "doctor."  It's been a long time coming, certainly.  Can't wait to shake her hand, smile, and say, "It's about friggin' time, Doctor Hillary."  Of course, all this stuff going on means I won't do much writing or revising this weekend,  but like I said, I'm OK with that.

Received another update from my editor yesterday.  This lady is really turning out to be wonderful to work with.  She's confirmed a lot of what I already knew, that I need to do more character and relationship development, but also that the story is solid.  She's going to give me suggestions on how to do it most effectively, which is music to my ears.  It's one thing to know that there's a problem with work you've done, but that knowledge doesn't always carry with it a clue on how best to fix it.  It's a relief to know someone else is on my side, though, with the clue that I'm missing.  Can't wait to see what she suggests for the ending scene, one that I confess seemed a little weak even after I revised it umpity times.

That said...I have a fair amount of work ahead of me, clearly.  As soon as I get the manuscript back, which she said might be as much as a week earlier than the date she originally forecast, (that works out to late next week, or early the following) I'll have a ton of revision work ahead of me.  The cool thing is that I'll have a road map in front of me, guiding the work.

Short version, then...I see the end of the metaphorical tunnel.  It's all metaphorically uphill from here, but that's OK.  I have some time, now, to rest a bit...the metaphorical calm before the (again) metaphorical storm.  Once we get started, it'll be an interesting ride--one that, as always, I'll bring you along on.  Hopefully, I must add, without so many damn metaphors.  :-)

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  1. Exciting! Congrats to your friend who is graduating this weekend!