Saturday, March 15, 2014

Prophecy, Released!

I got that feeling.

You know the feeling.  At least, some of you know the feeling.  Have you ever stood there and waved, watching your kid drive off in his or her own car, its trunk full of his or her own luggage, excitedly launching his or her own life?  As you stand there, you think of all the dangers your poor kid is going to face, all the excitement and opportunity ahead, and you wonder how long it'll be before you can go into that now-empty bedroom without bursting into tears of joy--or tears of something, anyway.

Yeah, that's the feeling. Only it's not a kid, it's a book. A book I've put way too much into to count right here.

To be clear: WOO HOO!  Prophecy is out, released into the great big world!  The novel is available on Amazon in ebook format, and as soon as the mailman brings me my proof copy, it'll hopefully be available as a beee yooo teee fulll paperback as well.  I've already sold a few e-copies according to my fancy-dancy KDP Reports screen at Amazon's site. 

It's exciting!

It's terrifying!

Now, the work really begins.  Not the writing, so much.  The purely creative effort of writing is sometimes hard, sometimes wonderful, sometimes cathartic.  Whatever it is, it doesn't usually feel like work. 

Marketing?  That feels like work.  Keeping track of which reviewers I've sent it off to, which ones I haven't and why, which ones aren't available till April, and which ones have already flagged something to run on what dates--yeah, that's all about as much fun as edging the lawn.  Still, it has to be done; otherwise, nobody ever knows that the book is out there.

Meanwhile, I'm setting off on a quick book that I hope to finish within a few weeks, this one non-fiction, before I get into writing what was going to be the third installment, and is now actually planned as the second one, of the Elf Queen series. 

Yeah, I know--Book 3 of Return of the Gods became Book 2, and Book 2 ended up being Book 3, and now I'm doing the same thing with Elf Queen.  It's funny how plans work that way.

That said, I suppose I need to quit rambling and gushing and get back to spreadsheeting and emailing. 

See y'all later!


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