Friday, June 14, 2013

A Slacker Am I

"If we aren't failing, we aren't doing anything interesting." - Kristen Lamb

Just finished reading my daily dose of OPB's (Other Peoples' Blogs) and was struck by what I read in Ms. Lamb's commentary on her new book, self-publishing, and stuff.  I've never heard/read anyone compare self-publishing to herding crack-addicted chickens; I thought that feeling was unique to us college deans.  But I do see what she's talking about, having now dealt with the self-publishing process for five works (and, incidentally, you never stop dealing with it).

Anyway, I'm probably getting back in the swing of things after way too long a period of slack-ology.  Oh--by "things" I mean writing; I've been in the swing of working the day job and working on the house for a while.  But I haven't been writing.  You can probably tell that already; my last blog post was made on Monday, and prior to that it was a few more days back.  I'm two posts behind just for May, and with three posts on June 14th that makes me eleven posts behind for this month, which brings me to the nice round number of thirteen posts behind!

Eh, I'll catch up.

I did write some, creatively, last night.  It was only a few hundred words on my Spaceman Spiff--er, Professor Kinder (sorry, Calvin!)--story, but they were a few hundred good words.

Well, okay, honestly, the last few sucked.  But they'll be replaced tonight, trust me.

Problem was, I'd gotten hung up on details.  See, it's one thing to know where the eventual story is going.  The heroes get trapped and imprisoned by the bad guys, but then they escape and win the day!  (sounds like nearly every Star Trek episode, minus the part about Kirk getting it on with an alien girl, right?)  Problem is--how do they escape?  How in the heck do they escape, that is, given that they're imprisoned by a technically and physically superior race?  Hmm, didn't think much on that, and it stopped me cold last night.

Hmm, maybe if Cap'n Kirk talks the three-boobed green-skinned girl into releasing him in the name of love....  Oh, c'mon, Stephen--no, no.... *smack*

But I got it now.  Worked it out while I was driving to work this morning.

So tonight and this weekend, back to writing.

No, we're still not settled into our new house.  That saga is surely going to generate a whole string of blog posts once the plot arc is done.  For now, I'll give you the chapter headings:

  • Furniture Proves Breaking Up Isn't Hard To Do, After All
  • Air Conditioning Blows, Not Cool
  • Dishwasher Washes The Floor, Too
  • Refrigerator Prefers Room Temperature
  • Flat-Screen TV: So Thin It Disappeared
  • Tech Works For Half An Hour, Causes A/C To Work For Two Days
  • Spiders Spiders Everywhere
  • The Great Ant Visit of 2013
  • Maybe They Should've Screwed The Light Fixture Up Differently

So.  Still writing that memoir, but overall it sounds like fun, right?


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  1. As a fellow Star Trek fan I totally understand how your mind could go in that direction. As a homeowner, living in a 130 year old house... I feel your pain. There's always some job that will make us feel like we've won a battle when it's finished. I look forward to those blog posts with such interesting headings!