Saturday, January 25, 2014

Writing and Marketing

So, it's been a few weeks since I was here last.


Work has been incredibly busy, for one thing.  For another, I had realized how much I still needed to do to get my latest book ready for sale.  Every night I've been reviewing, editing, working on it. 

It's done.

Well, it's mostly done.  I was ecstatic to send it out to my readers yesterday, and I'm really looking forward to their reactions.  As I sat and worked through it today, though, I noticed even more oopsies.

For example--and this one drives me nuts--you know what a manservant is, right?  It's the term for a servant for a man.  Now, more than one man are called "men."  At the same time, more than one servant are called "servants."  Thus, one might think that more than one servant for a man might be manservants, while a servant for more than one man would be menservant, and finally a gaggle of servants for a troupe of gentlemen would be menservants. 



It turns out that the plural of manservant, regardless of how many people being served, is menservants. 

Thus the review copies I sent out: Typos 1, Stephen 0 so far. 

Ah, well.  It's still a good story, I think.  But now it's funny, because the effort changes.  I went from heavy
writing in November, getting Book 2 framed out with plenty of words in it, to heavy revision in December and up till now in January.  Now, I go from heavy revision to heavy marketing, which is a whole different ball of wax.

It's also changed somewhat since I released Cataclysm, and so I have my work cut out for me figuring out how I have my work cut out for me.  Go figure.

I'll keep blogging, through, and in doing so I'll try to put some of the information here to help those who come after.

In any event, since this is the first of the year: Happy 2014!  Hope my words here find everyone happy, safe, and secure.


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